Friday, August 07, 2009

Unorganized Mob

When I arrived early it was already too late to get in. Congressman Dingell's Town Hall Meeting was packed. Large numbers of union supporters were already seated in a room that holds only 150 people. The rest in attendance I can not account for. The real story is the hundreds outside the building who could not get in.

I have to give Mrs. Dingell credit. She came outside to talk to some of those standing around. So why are people so upset? They are tired of getting form letters which don't address the subject. They are tired of the phone being taken off the hook at the legislative offices. They are really tired of being called names and being described as fronts for other organizations.

As I walked up and down the line talking to people I asked some of them why they came. Most were fed up and were tired of being thought to be stupid. Some heard about it on the radio, some on the television and some from organizations to which they belong. They do not feel misinformed because they feel that even the legislators do not know what is involved.

They can do the math and know from experience that congress and presidents make mistakes and sometimes tell bold face lies to achieve their objectives. The older people know medicare is in trouble. They are upset that their benefits and services may be cut to take care of illegal aliens. They observe the poor quality of health care delivery in one payer systems and have no desire for death counseling every 5 years as a substitution for good medical care.

This discussion is far from over. Citizens are encouraged to fight back with every non-violent measure possible. Socialism does not work, fascism does not work but capitalism does. It has provided us with the best country on earth. Take time to preserve it.

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