Monday, July 27, 2009

Assaulted On Every Side.

On July 15, President Obama came to Macomb County Community College to again tout one of his expensive initiatives. While he spoke of his plans for our money, outside along 12 mile, protesters gathered to express their dissatisfaction with many of his policies. Opposition to his healthcare policies, Cap and Trade, the bailouts and some wanted to audit the Federal Reserve to find out where our money went.
There was very little coverage and some say Obama didn't even know we were there. That may be true, but the people driving along 12 mile knew we were there. We can't control the media but we had the support of many who drove by.

On the State level the 2010 budget is expected to be $1.7 billion in defecit. Speaker Andy Dillon has come up with changes to public sector healthcare reform which would take care of $900 million but chances of them passing are as good as they are when others presented them before.

Chances of increasing revenue anytime soon are slim and none. The exodus from the state due to bad policy and tax increases does not bode well for those of us who remain here.

On the local level you can expect to see an increase in "truth in taxation hearings" over the next two years. Due to the decline in property values local units of government revenue can decline. They can increase millages to adjust revenue up to the rate of inflation just by holding a hearing. It can not exceed the voted millage. So while you are experiencing job loss,wage cuts and decline, the value of what may be your biggest investment. Elected officials can increase their revenue and overide the Headlee rollback just by getting together at a public meeting and agreeing on it.

It is time for you to stand up and be heard. Make your feelings known to those who are supposed to represent you.

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