Monday, August 17, 2009

Plymouth Health Care Rally

On a very windy Sunday in Plymouth, Michigan people gathered. I apologize for the poor sound and video quality but I thought you should see the angry mob and the truth about those who oppose health care reform.

As you can see they are a well organized mob and their attire indicates their subversiveness. They obviously do not know how to protest properly. No fires. No broken glass. No police in riot gear. What a disgrace. Flags and signs - how unoriginal. What we need are our legislators who know how to drain the last drop of blood from people to show them how to make a real mess.

Just remember. Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you. Personally I like walk softly and carry a big stick.


Anonymous said...

I pray that these efforts will be blessed by Almighty God.

Anonymous said...

Well my son has never had a bike helmet, i smoked the whole time i was prego...He eats tuna out of the can when he's too hungry to wait. He has / had 6 BB guns so far...plastic pellets and no one has lost an eye thank the Lord. He's rode in the back of my pick up truck but not even for a whole block just from the neighbors to our house god forbid the cops catch me/us and i become the unfit mother every one is reading about. the media lies so much. can you/ do you believe it all? Obama wants us to spend 10 billion on health care, he's already taken control of government motors...have you bought your car lately? what will you do when there is no where else in the world to get quality health care? Well at least maybe we won't have illegal imigrants...who'd want to come here with gov provided health care? who will buy our cars? who will mfg our war machines? i can see it now we according to obama will import our tanks, jeeps, ammo and guns, from over seas while we are under attack. Got that? Let em go and next we know, we will be outlaws. and they will still be our government. Wake up. Pray...alot, and thanks for sharing Rose. You got the stick...