Friday, October 31, 2008

Why We Can't Trust WCCC

On November 4, 2008 you are being asked to renew a millage for Wayne County Community College. Renew? They are asking for 1.25 mills. Right now they are levying .99 mills. Isn't that an increase? You bet it is. They are asking you to give up everything you have gained under the Headlee Amendment for the last 8 years. How can they get away with calling this a renewal? It's Wayne County that's how. This is in addition to the to, the 2001 voted operating millage which is now being levied at a rate of 1.4861 mills.

The Headlee Amendment works basically like this, revenue can increase at only the rate of inflation plus any additions and deletion of taxable value at the local level of government. If revenue increases over that, the mills levied must roll back to generate the inflationary amount or must be placed before the voters to override . WCCC thinks this slight of hand is justified because they believe it is good for us.

Keep in mind that a number of their courses are remedial. The inference is that the 12 years of education we paid for previously is not sufficient. Below is information taken from a website.

Information Summary

Ranks 292nd for total enrollment

Student Tuition Costs and Fees

What are the typical tuition costs and fees for attending Wayne County Community College District?

Ranks 3857th for total cost of attendance

In District In State Out of State
FT Undergraduate Tuition $1,332 $1,722 $2,184
FT Undergraduate Required Fees $175 $175 $175
PT Undergraduate per Credit Hour $56 $72 $91

FT Graduate Tuition N/A N/A N/A
FT Graduate Required Fees N/A N/A N/A
PT Graduate per Credit Hour N/A N/A N/A

Total Cost of attendance — On-Campus $2,369 $2,753 $3,209
Total Cost of attendance — Off-Campus w/out Family $8,779 $9,163 $9,619
Total Cost of attendance — Off-Campus with Family $5,519 $5,903 $6,359

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