Saturday, October 18, 2008

Something vs Nothing

I congratulate the people of Redford Township for their decision to replace Miles Handy as township supervisor. Now is the time to make another good judgement about who should be your treasurer. It is time for the people of Redford to take their Township back. You will have a choice in November to elect a name under the Democratic ticket or an Independent with qualifications for the job.

Being Commissioner Phil Cavanugh's wife is not a qualification for treasurer. Apparently, even Robert F. Brag Jr., Redfords present treasurer thinks Paul Borland would do a better job. That's him in the picture along with Paul. Below are Broland's promises.

As an Independent Candidate on the November ballot you can rest assured that I will bring my business and leadership experience along with my education, to the Treasurer’s Office.
I’m not from a family of politicians and I do not represent any one party’s agenda. As Redford Township Treasurer I will represent democracy in its purest form, government for the people, by the people.

As your Treasurer I Pledge to:
  • Hear the voices of the Township
  • Continue to move Redford Twp. forward
  • Ensure the INDEPENDANCE and INTEGRITY of the Treasurer’s office
  • Maintain budget control
  • Collect, Invest and Distribute township funds

And most importantly
  • To be YOUR Guardian of Public Funds

  • He said it, now Reford Township should hold him to it.

    2 comments: said...

    Let me just say, better late than never, "buh-bye, Miles!"


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