Saturday, October 04, 2008

Redford Invades Dearborn Heights

The night was dark, cool and still. The Dearborn Heights council chamber was pregnant with anticipation. The candidates for the 17th district were beginning to exhibit anxiousness for the debate to begin. Andy Dillon the smooth talking villain vs Sandra Egger friend to the rich and the begger , were sizing each other up. The Dearborn / Dearborn Heights League of Women Voters were preparing the order of their questions.

Without warning, Team Handy spread themselves throughout the chamber. For those of you who are not familiar, they are a group of politicians and supporters from Redford Township. Among them, was Miles (Boss Hog) Handy, the recently (thank goodness) defeated township supervisor. Along with him was county Commissioner Phil Cavanaugh, the fire chief, Cavanugh's wife, who though unqualified, is seeking to be treasurer of Redford, all in all there were about 15 of them.

As they swaggered in, they had a smug and confident look on their faces. I have yet to understand how Dillon became an underling in Team Handy, given his position as the Speaker of the State House. What I did notice is that some of them behaved like children who thought that making faces gave them bravado.

Dillon appeared uninterested. Egger appeared nervous. The questions where asked. Dillon lied with a straight face. He continued to pretend he cut the budget by $400 million when it was the proposed increase that was cut. Egger nervously gave her answers but she remained true to herself and the taxpayers. Dillon tried to to impress with his fancy words and composure. Egger spoke with sincerity and conviction.

In the end, in spite of their cockiness, the Redford Ruffians settled for a hamburger and a drink at a local bar instead of a pint of blood.

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Anonymous said...

Knowing Dillion and his band of thugs, the way they harass and dispirit challengers of their club, if I were Egger I’d have probably been nervous as well. Hang in there voters. Your anonymous voice will be heard soon enough. Wouldn’t it be fun to go up to Lansing and watch him move out? He can’t possibly pass that job onto the real taxpayers can he? Great video shots there I’d presume. I wonder if Team Handy, you know (Boss Hog and his intimidating gang) and his entourage would swagger around then? Making what kind of faces there? Would they be crying? You know how children are when they’ve lost their will. The gang of bullies who are no longer tolerated…
Bravo! to those who are brave enough to see the greed and not tolerate bullies and vote against them! November 4th is upon us, guard, our freedoms! Anonymous of course because it's a gang thing!