Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Saga Continues

We had to go back to court today. The Redford Police were harassing us so bad that we went to court to get a restraining order. Circuit Court Judge William J. Giovan, who is the judge who heard the first case, listened to our request. He called the Redford Police Chief and told him that he was to inform his officers that they cannot try to intimidate and harass us no matter who gives the order. We suspect that the order came from none other than His Honor Miles Handy township supervisor. He also said that he would follow it up in writing.

Who would have thought it would get this nasty. Andy and his friends have gone over the edge. They are so desperate they will do anything. It will not do them any good. We are getting proof of their other violations, and when we do, we will prosecute. They have also disowned one of their thugs. As it turns out, he is a convicted felon (multiple times). He was involved from the very first.

We plan to file the petitions on May 1.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Andy Dillon gets recalled from office. He is violated the laws by employing paid staffers on state time doing his dirty work. Shame on him and shame on him for hurting hard working Michigan families. I commend you and Leon Drolet and everyone out there in this effort to recall this failed Speaker. Great job everyone.

Anonymous said...

the police are handys and dillions henchmen behind the the scenes is evil and schemeing judge karen khalil giving handy legal advice on how to have their felon henchmen properly harass the recall citizens she has been arrested 5 times on dui guess how many times she has been convicted