Friday, April 18, 2008

Here Come Da Judge

Andy Dillon brought charges against me today. I didn't go to court but our lawyer did. Dillon's lawyer asked for a temporary restraining order against us to keep us from collecting signatures. He said we are having people from outside the district collect signatures for Dillon's recall. Wrong! They wanted to have an evidentiary hearing which would then grant a permanent restraining order.

They used affidavits from four of the Democratic Party thugs that have been following, harassing, verbally abusing and stalking our persons and homes. They had signed various observations of our abuse of the law. Wrong!

Andy Dillon has also requested damages "in such amount as will compensate him for the injuries he has sustained as a result of their continuing and blatant violation of Michigan Election Law." Wrong!

What did the judge do? Judge William J. Giovan told us all to go home, obey the law and play nice. Yes!

Rose Bogaert, Chair
Wayne County Taxpayers Association

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