Saturday, February 23, 2008

Response to Citizens

Everyone knows that most legislators are not happy about the recall effort. If they would take the hint, recalls would not be necessary. puts out information on proposed legislation. What you see below are some legislators response to voters:

Senate Joint Resolution K (Mandate new ballot measure signature gathering requirements ) Introduced by Sen. Michelle McManus on February 12, 2008, to place before voters in the next general election a Constitutional amendment to require petitions for citizen initiatives to create a law, or a referendum disapproving a just-passed law, to be signed by registered voters who are residents in at least three-fourths of 110 state House districts, and who, in each of those House districts, equal at least 7 percent of the number who voted in that district in the last gubernatorial election......... See also Senate Bills 1086 and 1087.
Senate Bill 1086 (Revise ballot measure submission deadlines )
Introduced by Sen. Gilda Jacobs on February 12, 2008, to change the deadline for filing the petitions placing Constitutional amendments on the ballot ... See also Senate Joint Resolution K.
Senate Bill 1087 (Impose restrictions on citizen’s initiative signature gathering )
Introduced by Sen. Mark Jansen on February 12, 2008, to require circulators of petitions placing Constitutional amendments, initiated laws, or referendums on the ballot, ......State to certify and distribute a proposed Constitutional amendment initiative or other special question at least 60 days, rather than 49 days, before an election. See also Senate Joint Resolution K.

How can they pretend to represent us when they work against us. This is a sovereignty issue. We should not have to wait years to hold them accountable or to overturn bad law. Just look at the Michigan Business Tax. It does not solve the problem it exacerbates it. The changes they made to stop the expansion of the service tax was nothing but a tax shift and an additional increase. We need to take back the authority when they fail to work for us. We have to pay better attention and act.

2 comments: said...

They support the people until the people decide they want to have their own voice. Bread and circuses.


Anonymous said...

You left out the most objectionable provision in that package:

2008 Senate Bill 1087, introduced by Sen. Mark Jansen (R-Gaines Township), to require statewide ballot initiative or referendum petition circulators to live in the jurisdiction where the signatures are collected. In other words, a person would be prohibited from gathering signatures outside the community in which he or she resides . . .

Naturally this would have a huge chilling effect on grass roots citizen initiatives. Only special interests with very deep pockets, or those with ground troops in every district in the state (like the MEA) would be able to gather sufficient signatures.