Friday, February 08, 2008

Is the Governor Next?

What can I say? Just when I thought it might be over, I get more mail. This time it is a birthday card for my mother, who has passed away, from Senator Tupac Hunter. For a state with a bare bones budget, we certainly have enough money to throw around. My guess is that every absentee voter gets one of these. In any case, at least Rep. Andy Dillon had the sense to put something that pertains to government on his bithday card to mom. Sen. Tupac Hunter had no such pretense. He just sent her a birthday card at taxpayer expense. There has not been one from the governor yet but I am waiting.

Are people really so foolish to make sending them a generic birthday card worthwhile? I sure hope not. I object to my hard earned money being used in this manner. What this is a computer somewhere which spits these things out each month. How necessary is that? We have some serious problems to deal with in this state. Obviously they do not think so in Lansing. As a matter of fact, if this is not illegal it should be. If you want let me know when your birthday is and I'll sing to you. In the meantime if you get one of these, please tell them no thank you.

While your at it, join us this coming Monday, February 11, at Best Western Laurel Park Suites, 16999 S. Laurel Park in Livonia off Six mile near Neuberg Road and I 275 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.
There will be a joint "Recall Boot Camp" for Rep. Andy Dillon and Rep. Marc Corriveau. Even if you want to just learn how to recall you are welcome to come and get information. We will have petition for both recalls at the meeting. They increased our income tax by 12%. They enacted a surtax of 22% on business that will be passed down to us. They increased General Fund Spending more than 8% and call it a cut. They increased their legislative budget by over 7%. They did all this at a time when Michigan families are struggling to pay their mortgages and keep their homes. Recalls are a constitutional right citizens have as recourse when they have lost confidence that a representative is acting in their best interest.

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