Saturday, February 02, 2008

More Government Waste

About a month ago I received a newsletter from my Representative Andy Dillon. I know they all do it but I believe for the most part it is more self serving than informative. Certainly the last one sent to me could be called nothing but him patting himself on the back. I do however draw the line with what I received in the mail today.

My mother passed away on December 31. In todays mail I received a birthday card for my mother whose 89th birthday would have been on February 17. It was from none other than Rep. Andy Dillon. Does anyone really think he knows my mother? It might be a nice gesture if he had been paying for it out of his own pocket but not at taxpayer expense. My mother may have been almost 89 years old but she wasn't stupid. This is pure pandering and a waste of taxpayer dollars. Does he really believe my mother doesn't know what government does after all these years. Thousand of useless bills go through the legislature each year. They are introduced to please constituents and passed on to die in committee. These bills have to be written up and printed at great expense.

My comment to Speaker Dillon is that he and his staff have bigger and better things to be concerned about like reducing spending, lowering taxes and bringing business back to this state.


Thomas said...

Your right Rose, they must think we're all stupid out here. That they are the only smart ones. Smooze with the left hand and empty your pockets with their right. Thanks for your care and concern.

Marina said...

Great work.