Friday, June 14, 2013

Stealing Victory From Defeat

Governor Rick Snyder
Andy Dillon

There were positive and  negative effects from our attempt to recall Andy Dillon in 2007.  Good things have come about as a result of this recall. We have prevailed in the courts. We have helped to partially level a very uneven playing field by defending our First Amendment rights. We have established that the important thing is the person signing not the person gathering the signatures. Very important is that we now have a larger network of people who share our concerns.
Why is this so important?  Dillon brought in all kinds of people and money from outside the district in large numbers to harass us and block us.   The federal court had already made a decision that in the case of referendum any U.S. citizen can collect signatures. In our case, they made a decision that anyone within the state can collect signatures. This is very important for future efforts.

There is no doubt that we were displeased with the results of the recall.  Some people thought we were crazy,  others called us names, made vulgar remarks and snide comments, others  gave us encouragement and support. I find it interesting that I have signed my name or the committee to everything we put out there but those who criticized us, called my phone, mailed me x rated comments were all to cowardly to sign their names.
Let me make one thing clear. At no time did I lie, cheat, break the law, or commit fraud.  We had already won three times in court.    Dillon did help increase income taxes. He did help place a 22% surtax on business after removing a 22% service tax which was so idiotic that even they recognized it .  He did vote to raise the legislative budget by 7% and the state budget by 8%.

On the upside, it took close to a million dollars for him to defend himself.  This is all resources that  liberals would not be able to be used for future bad behavior or liberal causes.

In spite of his bad behavior and party affiliation Governor Snyder appointed Dillon Treasurer of the State of Michigan.  I am not sure how a Republican Governor can make a Democratic legislator who was almost recalled such an important part of his administration. I can only guess that people of his own party are too conservative for him.   Maybe it explains a lot of things.  This is just one more thing the governor will have to explain.

So even if you have an unsuccessful recall, the person you go after will still have been taught a very expensive lesson.

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