Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Representative Government


Sent to Wayne County State Legislators:

I would like to address those who have decided to support Governor Snyder wish to pass HB 4714.  I would also like to acknowledge those who took  the time to respond to my initial email both pro and con.  I have been following Lansing for 31 years only to be frequently disappointed in the representation.  I am aware that sometimes your job is difficult.  I am also aware that you are sent to Lansing to represent your constituents.  It seems that too frequently, government is at odds with that representation and the costs, as a result, are detrimental to good government and harmful to the taxpayer.

While you may choose to support the governor over the citizens of this state, you must also accept the fact that you may be the focus of those who oppose and elect you. Should any of the groups who oppose your decision start to feel the negative effects of that decision, you can rest assured that they may seek  other  groups to come to their assistance.   The legislature recently passed a law to make it more difficult to remove officials through recall.  Once again, not serving those who elected you but your own interest.  I suggest that before you decide such a life changing decision for Michiganders that you could become the object of their frustration.  I am not proposing this, but wish you to be aware. In  you will see that the groups can work together to remove the legislator who most egregiously has worked against them. 

Obamacare is not a small issue. You must realizes anything you can do to hinder its implementation will help save us from a disaster waiting to happen. For those who say “it is the law of the land” remember Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s comment that “we must pass it to know what is in it”.  If that is how you think laws should be passed, you represent no one not even yourself.

Rose Bogaert, Chair
Wayne County Taxpayers Association, Inc.

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