Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Insanity

How can the American public expect to cut the budget on any level of government if they are unwilling to give their elected officials the tools they need to do the job? Even if  you are sympathetic to the unions and collective bargaining, you have to realize that the only area where you can cut a significant amount of dollars is in a service business, and that is what government is supposed to do, union wages and benefits are where the largest costs are.  You have to understand the conflict between unions, who contribute to the election of a candidate, and the benefits that they are able to have awarded in contracts.  You should also be able to understand that they can not be allowed to strike, because, of the damage that causes to the common good of the taxpayers.

Public unions have managed to negotiate salaries and benefits that are 47% higher on average, than the private sector.   To those people who are working for far less than unionized employee's and also to the unemployed,  the suggestion of a tax increase or the refusal of unionized public employees to take a cut is overwhelming.  To the unions taking less pay and benefits does not sit well, but the lines need to be drawn that are equitable for both the unions and the taxpayers. It is not that we do not appreciate the work they do, when they do it, but rather that it is unfair for the taxpayer to be overburdened supporting such unfair advantages.
The American people have to wake up. The recent attempt by states to deal with these problems has met stiff opposition with resistance by some who profess to want budgets and deficits cut.  This "anyone except me" attitude will surely drive us over the edge into certain bankruptcy.  What can you say about a society that seemingly is willing to steal from their children and grandchildren?  This is an immoral and selfish position that shows in and of itself the manner those involved wish to engage in in order to maintain their greedy unfair conduct.

The success of the vote in Wisconsin I hope will give courage to other states to follow through.


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea, organize more of the workforce. Bring everyone up to the "lavish" pay standards of public unions. You have to realize that business and corporations can never get the American worker to accept wages in line with sweatshops around the world. Trying will only cause you grief. More money in the hands of the average worker will influence the economy positively just as much if not more so than these tax cuts will.
The truth of the matter is that the banks and Wall Street pillaged the coffers, and there is not enough tax revenue now since people are broke. It has nothing to do with the amount of taxes levied.

Anonymous said...

The "success" and "courage" of the vote in Wisconsin is a joke and a disgrace.
The GOP seized power while the Dems were sleepwalking, and are taking this opportunity to ram through ideological legislation and advance their agenda, when in fact these were not the promises they ran on.

Anonymous said...

For an economy to work, there must be a balance between capital and labor.

The choice is between strong unions, a free market approach, or government regulation.

If you want smaller government, support Unions!