Saturday, February 05, 2011

Don't Miss the Boat

The time is now to learn how to appeal your assessment. The Comsumer price Index has increased 1.7% (inflation) but your home value has continued to decline. Many people can not afford to hire someone to appeal for them and that is why we have designed a seminar that teaches how to do it yourself.
If nothing else, it will give you the tools to find out if it is worth your while to hire someone else to do it.

You will have to be on the defensive for several years to come, when it comes to your financial security. Take the time to secure what is the biggest investment for most people - your home.

Go to our website  for a location nearest you. We will be adding additional locations through the end of the month.  

While your at it, stock up on some food and paper products. Inflation is expected to increase. Anything you can buy and keep now will save you money in the future.


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