Sunday, March 01, 2009

You Are Not Alone

On the way, the wind blew. It rained. It snowed. It was freezing cold. My friend and I thought that we must be the only ones crazy enough to go to Lansing in this weather. Much to our surprise and delight, there were more than 250 others, with only three days notice, who realized the importance of showing our unity and discontent with the spending in congress. This weekend, people in 40 states spent time showing their frustration over how their money was being spent by those who are supposed to represent us. For us, you can add the elected in Michigan too.

It is time for us to take up what has always been our responsibility. We are sovereign. It is our responsibility to pay attention to what government is doing. We will lose everything our forefathers fought and died for if we are not careful. If you think I am being dramatic, all you need to do is check history. We can not allow others to take from us what is not theirs. We must be vigilant and safeguard our rights and responsibilities. If we are to live free we can not turn authority over to others.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such an important bit of information. I wonder how many people really get this message. I hope you can find a way to post this in a permanant prominent position on your site. It's so important, thanks for sharing. Long Live the Republic! it too late? said...

That was a great time, wasn't it Rose?

Nice seeing you twice in a week, too! :)


Jason Gillman said...

It was AWESOME to see you and all the others Rose!

Sure was a worthwhile event.