Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What Now?

When the Constitution of the United States was ratified, a colleague asked Benjamin Franklin, “What have we wrought?”

Benjamin Franklin replied, “A Republic, if they can keep it.”

I have not been writing lately because I am not sure what to tell you. We are still fighting to save the recall of Andy Dillon. As soon as I know what is next, I will let you know. The one thing I do know is that I am fearful for this country. I have seen things in this campaign that are unprincipled, dirty and beneath those who propose to represent the people of the 17th district. I can not believe that we are the only place in this country that have had these experiences.

We can not excuse this by brushing it off as just politics. If this is politics, it has no place in our form of government. We have lost respect for each other, our first amendment rights have been violated and breaking the law is not justified to achieve a goal. No matter what happens we will ultimately wind up in court.


Sandie said...

Bravo, Rose, bravo, your observations are on point . . . unfortunately for our Republic.

Anonymous said...

andy zillion miles handy Karen khalil those3 represent tyrants let's vote them out of office they are. Plague on the good people of Redford

Anonymous said...

redford twp handy gone dillon still around 17th court karen khalil also known as judge hideous her ugly##$$ still infests redford township like cancer

Anonymous said...

if benjamin franklin&charles darwin could walk into redford township michigan 17th district court's judge karen khalil courtroom and observe her for a month charles darwin probably would argue karen khalil is the product of natural selection in the evolution of evil. while benjamin frankiln would only comment what has god wrought.redford township michigan is the only place in america where there is a total disrespect of the rights of its citizens. charging people with nonexistant crimes and the rights of the the citizens that where collecting signatures for mr.andy dillions recall.judges wirth and khalil would not sign a warrant 4 arrest for that violent felon marceil williams?that was harassing the dillion recall workers &possibly gave marceil legal advice(coaching)him on what not do&and promising no parole violations would befall on him!this is the only place in america that this would be allowed to occur.