Friday, June 13, 2008

Two Things Everyone Should Do or Not

  • Apologize when you have done something poorly. I want to apologize to all those people who counted on us to coordinate and successfully recall Speaker Andy Dillon. We tried hard but not hard enough. We could not beat the political machine in time for the August primary. We have not given up in principle and are considering other ways on the federal level to re mediate the problem. It is very important that we do not let the matter lie. The failure of the Court of Appeals and the State Supreme Court to hear our case, in light of the fact that one of the issues has been already settled by the US Supreme Court in our favor, is unconscionable.

  • Don't get discouraged. Politicians count on us to get discouraged and go away. We can not let that happen. What we need is for our numbers to grow and to get more eyes watching. If we keep ignoring problems and leaving them to others we will soon lose what we treasure most - our freedoms and our money. Politicians should be working for us, not themselves.

  • Which brings to mind another issue. You know we support the right of ballot initiative but we do not support the right to be deceptive. This message goes across party lines and should be important to all. The video below does a good job of explaining the problem.

    If this was not enough to worry about, in 2010 some will be calling for a Constitutional Convention. Say no to that too.

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    Jack McHugh said...

    God bless you, Rose. You are a class act all the way and a hero for liberty.