Monday, January 07, 2008

More Disappointment

For the first time in memory I am thinking of not voting for a presidential candidate in the primary election. I'll still vote because there is a school sinking fund proposal on the ballot that I do not support. With a 16% fund equity in their piggy bank, I think they are crazy to ask me to pay 1.67 mils for 10 years. While Rome burned, they misspent the last time they got money. Now they say the district is falling apart. Am I stupid enough to give them more for 10 years. I don't think so.

As a result of the legislature Democrats and Republicans are throwing a party at which they control the invitation list. Like spoiled children they are only letting you come if you tell them who you like best. In the meantime, since there is another issue on the ballot, three ballots have to be printed. One with the Republican slate and the ballot issue, One with some of the Democratic slate,since some are not participating, and one with just the ballot proposal. The worst of it is that, while it was challenged in the courts, it was upheld that the parties could get the voting information but the public could not, even though the public was forced to pay for the election. Other Parties were restricted from participating.

The whole concept is so blatantly unconstitutional, I can not believe that our State Supreme Court upheld the election. Partisan politics has consumed this country. Here in Michigan it has done the most to hurt this state. It has hurt our economy and crippled our constitution.If you can not get justice in the courts, the system has truly broken down. I believe the Justices should truly be ashamed of themselves and I wish them a thousand nights of restless sleep and a failure to return to office.

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