Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Have Finally Made It

Apparently the liberal bloggers believe in free speech only for liberals. I have been banned from commenting on several liberal websites. at least gave me a reason. They say my opinion stinks. What are they afraid of? These sites make the same mistake as most of the media. They have no respect for any opinion but their own. I am thankful that we are not required to ask their approval to vote. The fact that I am attempting to recall my legislator, Speaker Andy Dillon, has liberals up in arms. That is why they stalled the approval of the petition language at the county level and lined the walls with thugs to intimidate us at the hearing. It took the efforts of the Circuit Court to admit that the language is clear and understandable.

Other recalls are experiencing harassment and intimidation tactics. That does not frighten me. We will be armed with cameras, video cams and cell phones to call the police. We can not allow the actions of thugs to deprive us of our right to petition for grievence and we will defend our rights. They blame Leon Drolet, from Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, for everything. Do they really think he can do this on his own?

There are large numbers of business people, economists and just average people who know what consequenses will result from the poor decision making in Lansing. It is our state, our lives and livelyhoods that will be effected. Rumor has it that they are not done raising taxes yet. It is our job to see that they are stopped. Through their newsletters, they are using taxpayer dollars to spread information about how good they are to distract from their distructive activities. If you want to help, please click on to and give us a hand. We need to educate the legislature and remind them we are sovereign.


Cathleen said...

Interesting that you are so willing to use taxpayer dollars to call the police or take advantage of the court system for YOUR purposes. Apparently the system is in place for your wants only.

Tell you what- quit wasting MY taxpayer money. Don't call the taxpayer funded police. Do this all on your own, as you expect others to do.

Better yet, pull a buck out of your pocket and pay for the system you are so ready to use when YOU feel it's necessary. said...

Rose? You don't pay taxes? I'm shocked! Here I thought you were a taxpayer just like the rest of us.

Interesting, isn't it, that the left which cries so often about Saul not having comments enabled on his blog are the quickest to race to that "ban" button?

I guess you can take solace in this fact... you're not the first conservative they've banned and you certainly won't be the last.


Thomas said...

I'm wondering if by alone without the police you mean like the "Thugs" do.
What are you trying to say here? That we go back to the days when who is toughest wins? Your not making much sense. Try explaining without your emotion being involved.

Thomas said...

Everybody is a Taxpayer my friend. That one is so old its got mold on it.

Beerme said...

I found it interesting that Cathleen doesn't allow comments on her blog, unless your a "team member", yet she wants to troll away at a conservative blog, posting her nonsense about vigilante justice.

If thugs are bothering you as a citizen, your protection from such criminals is precisely what taxes are meant for.

Chet said...


Welcome to the banned from ML crowd. We're a large group now. So much for tolerance, I guess. "Free speech for me, but not for the Thee" is the ML motto.