Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Recall Madness?

The real madness is expecting the taxpayers of Michigan to continue to follow the line that a tax increase is the answer to Michigan's problems. What is the poor taxpayer to do but take drastic measures, when the people they elect to represent them refuse to hear them. What I can not understand is why our elected officials feel put upon when they are expected to do their job within the financial limits of the state's income.

It also makes me laugh to hear them blame Leon Drolet, of Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, for everything. Do they honestly think that he can collect the thousand of signatures necessary to recall them by himself? While he is an effective spokesperson, every signature gathered is a statement on the part of a voting taxpayer. Every person who steps up to form a committee is an emerging leader/activist for the taxpayers of Michigan. Any legislator who complains because he/ she has helped solved a problem for a constituent in the past has lost sight of the fact that is what he/she was elected to do. By the way, Leon Drolet was a little young in 1983 when two senators were recalled. As far as tactics, huge pink pigs, signs and rallies get attention. Unlike the lobbyists, most taxpayers do not have large funds to draw on for an advertising budget.

If you need assistance or information just contact the WCTA. We will help coordinate in Wayne County. We will buffer, if you want anonymity, until the Recalls are necessary.

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RightMichigan.com said...

Leon's a brownshirted knuckle-dragger. Didn't you hear? :)