Tuesday, October 02, 2012

How We Think You Should Vote On Proposals

It's almost voting time again. This will be a long ballot so you should get a copy of the ballot before you vote. Go to https://webapps.sos.state.mi.us/mivote/SelectPublicBallot.aspx   fill out the questions and print a copy of your personal ballot.

If you want to know how the Wayne county Taxpayers Association thinks you should vote on the State and County Proposals go to http://www.wctaxpayers.org to our homepage and click on the two links.

This might be the most important election of our lifetime.  The kind of government we will have will be determined by the results.  Who we elect for president will determine the appointment of possibly 3 judges to the Supreme Court. Those we elect to the legislature both in congress and at the state level will have an incredible effect on our economy, taxes and freedoms.

Please do your homework before you vote.

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