Monday, January 23, 2012

Petulant Elected Officials

How can we have representative government if our Representatives refuse to show up to represent us. When they were elected they knew how the system was supposed to work. The idea was not to go home, if the majority did not agree with you, but to discuss the matter and try to convince the majority to your way of thinking.  Eventually, you must table or bring the proposition to a vote.

The lack of respect for their constituents and for the system that they swore to uphold through the Constitution can only be surpassed by the narcissistic, egotistical and childish behavior of those who would bring government to a halt because they did not get their way.   The American people deserve better than this.

I would defend anyone's  right to protest within the law.  But, protests at the expense of the rights of others is unacceptable. It is not just our elected officials that suffer from these maladies but society as a whole.  The me first generation has had it the best of any generation and has passed it down.  Now the tide is reversing and the frustration expresses itself in violence.

If we are to save our country, we have to undo what we have taught and reeducate ourselves and our children that others have rights as well.  We must respect others and realize that what belongs to them is theirs.

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