Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Awarding Those Who Do a Good Job


It is really important to award people who do a good job.  The four people we have decided to award at the 2nd Annual Michigan Taxpayers Alliance and Wayne County Taxpayers Association Award Banquet have several thing in common.  They are intelligent, well versed and, most of all, trustworthy. We will have a Post Mortem award for Chet Zarko. Chet was known as the original Michigan conservative blogger. Zarko Research and Consulting was a Michigan-based political, marketing, and design service run by freelance investigative writer Chetly Zarko. In mid July Chet passed away at the young age of 39 and it was a huge loss to to everyone.  Those on the right and the left respected him and trusted him.
He pulled the original FOIAs that led to the discovery of the False Tea Party Group.

Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Rochester Hills) is a standard bearer for fiscal conservatism in the state House. He is also widely recognized as the de facto minority leader opposing House Democrats’ plans to increase the cost and power of government for the past two years in Lansing. Rep. McMillin stood up to help lead battles against Obamacare, against corporate welfare, against excessive spending, and for transparency in government spending.

Joe Lehman, President of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, for the Center’s new e-newsletter, Capitol Confidential.Have you heard of Capitol Confidential? The Mackinac Center created ‘Cap Con’ to fill the void left by lazy and/or biased news media and, boy, have they! A rapidly growing number of citizens turn to this online news source every day for updates on government policy and investigative journalism that exposes government corruption. Cap Con isn’t a blog. It isn’t opinion. It is real, hard-hitting investigative journalism on behalf of taxpaying citizens.

Jason Gillman was the epitome of the ‘tea party activist’ in 2010. He blogs for Right Michigan website where he helped expose the fraudulent “Tea Party” political trick that was attempted by the MI Democratic Party. Gillman’s  was instrumental in keeping the fake Democrat Party Tea Party off the ballot this past November. In addition, Jason Gillman was a leader organizing tea party rallies and protests in Traverse City that played a key role in pushing Congressman Bart Stupak toward retirement.

Please join us. These men have done so much more for us and if you checked there work they were always right on.  If we fail to recognize people like this, they and their families will never know how much we appreciate them.

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