Sunday, March 21, 2010

There Is No More Integrity

I can not believe that all that posturing that Stupak did was just for show. He lied like a man who had no quams about it. He spoke like a man of priciple and caved like a man without integrity. This video was made last year without his knowledge. He knew all along that he would vote for health care reform. Now it is our duty to teach him that he should not lie to the American people and pretend he is something he is not.

He must now be voted out of office along with all the others who are trying to transform our country into a socialized nation. The blatent disregard for the will of the people makes them all targets in the next election.


TomBogaert said...

Slippery very Slippery, gotta protect that salary and those bennie's and to hell with integrity.
Just how corrupt can you be? you ask? Take a hard long look at this guy. Wake up America.

Communications guru said...

Slight problem with your false rant; federal funds have never been allowed to be spent on abortions, and this historic health care insurance reform bill that helps so many people does not allow it either.

“Trying to transform our country into a socialized nation?” Please, anymore talking points? The will of the people was met on Sunday.

TomBogaert said...

Bye Bye Bart we will miss your charm and vigor and vitality but, mostly we will miss your convoluted thinking; (not),sound like anyone you know? Hummmmm