Monday, January 25, 2010

Ficano Is It True?

The following was sent as a comment to one of the blogs on this site. I wish to know if anyone knows the answer to these questions. I don't believe that running it through a true or false search engine would have these answers but the commission should be able to find out.

The Wayne County Commissioners should investigate Mr. Ficano’s over the top mishandling of public funds for his own personal private benefit. A media firm in Clawson, Michigan was sub-contracted to produce this Ficano “campaign commercials” masquerading as a Public Service Announcement.

The media firm ----

Magnetic Cinema was retained by FMG. Is FMG the same Oakland County Firm FMG (First Media Group) that is also a Wayne County Airport Authority Contractor? Is it a coincidence that FMG owner Delora Hall Tyler also hosts a radio program on WCHB with Ficano gal pal Mildred Gaddis?

1. Did this contract and sub-contract go out for bid?

2. What county employees were involved with this?

3. How much was paid, including commissions, to produce these spots?

4. What budget did they come out of?

5. What was the purpose of that budget as originally approved by the CountyCommission?

6. Were federal funds used?

It is time to put a stop to Ficano’s Mass Manipulation of the Detroit Media Market.
Why all of these Flu Shot Radio and TV ads surrounded by children??? Did the parents give permission for this possible political exploitation? Is this “PSA” running in free air time or was even more money squandered to make paid media buys? HOW CAN A BROKE COUNTY AFFORD FICANO THIS INDULGENCE? Flu season was over in Nov/December. But campaign season is just starting. Ficano may have broken the law if he shifted federal funds from free flu shots for the poor to producing these "political commercials". Did he once again use the media company owned by Mildred Gaddis (1200 AM) or Kevin Deitz to produce these campaign commercials that pretend to be Public Service Announcements??? Is this a clear violation of Michigan Campaign Finance Law or FCC rules? If these were truly public service announcements then perhaps the public health director or a nurse should be doing them --- not Freeloading Ficano. When will the TV Stations wake up and realize that Ficano is duping them again to plastering his Face all over the air for free? . Amazing how these “PSA” always start up when he is running for office. Oh well I guess he is desperate for free air-time since he does not have Benny Napoleon to put in his race this time to split up the black vote. (Ricardo Solomon )

Is this the ranting of a disgruntled employee? Is this the rantings of an opponent? We may soon find out.

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