Monday, December 28, 2009

Assessment Time

Michigan Taxpayers Alliance and the Wayne County Taxpayers Association are about to start scheduling our state tour on How to Appeal Your Property Assessment. Here is the Problem. We have to schedule a seminar in Detroit in January because they are the only city that requires an appeal at the Assessors Review in early February before an appeal can be made before the Board of Review in March. We need a place to hold it.

Last year,we reserved a room at Wayne County Community College and they cancelled on us the day we were going to hold the seminar. We need a place in Detroit to hold our seminar. I need your help to find one. It can be a church hall. It can be an auditorium. It needs to be in a location where the people of Detroit will be interested in coming.

If other are interested in having one in their community please contact us and we will try to hold one or let you know where the closest one to you is located when we finalize our schedule.

Contact us at or 313-278-8383.

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Anonymous said...

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