Sunday, February 01, 2009

WCCC to Taxpayers The Hell With You

I have to apologize to those who showed up for the workshop on how to appeal your assessment at the Wayne County Community College Eastern Campus on Friday only to be turned away. When we started setting up the schedule over a month ago, we asked former State Representative Lamar Lemmons to find a facility for us to hold our workshop in Detroit. He told us it was no problem. The day he scheduled was not available for the rest of us. We asked him to reschedule for the next day. He said it would not be a problem. The last time I talked to him, he said he was just waiting for a room number. I left several messages for him and did not receive a call back.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. So, this past Monday, I called WCCC and asked for a room number. They said there was no room scheduled. I explained the situation and they said they would check it out and get back. I called the next day and they said they were working on it. The next day they said I had to go to the Down River Campus fill out the paperwork and they will fax it to the eastern campus. I made it to the Downriver Campus on some very dangerous roads. When I got back home I called to make sure they received the fax.

Of course, they had not received it. I asked if I could scan and email my copies. No problem they said. So I did. I called to make sure they got them. They said they did. I asked if we would be ok for the next day when our workshop was scheduled. They just need to sign the paperwork she said.

The next morning, I had a message on my answering machine saying we could not hold the workshop that night. I called and asked to speak to the president of the Eastern Campus. Her name was Bonika Odbomi as best as I could figure it out. I explained that the workshop had been advertised and the problems we had. Her answer was, "we can not do these things overnight, we have our rules". I asked if they had rooms in their building. I asked if they could have let me know last Monday or before my trek in horrible weather to the Downriver Campus. The real frightening thing is that the president, who is paid very well, can not be trusted to schedule a meeting in her own building.

Now that WCCC has increased their millage for another 10 years, they can afford to tell the taxpayers to go to hell. The real pity is that the people of Detroit must first appeal to the Assessors Review in February before they can appeal to the Board of Review in March. Those who need the training will not have the opportunity to attend our seminar because an educational institution can not schedule an educational workshop in a room in less than three weeks.

One day the people of Detroit are going to get fed up. We had no problem scheduling in any other community. There is always an excuse in Detroit and it is harmful to the community.

4 comments: said...

I knew this story wouldn't end well when you said "Lamar Lemmons."

Yikers. Sorry, Rose!

Sad reality is conservatives have got to be twice as good and work twice as hard just to break even in this state right now, and even that isn't always enough.


Jason Gillman said...

Rose.. wow..

In the midst of the greatest build up of Michigan's post educational system too.

No. You were targeted. And frankly IMO, these folks need to find out how expensive it is to play politics from a taxpayer supported institution.

What options are open?

Anonymous said...

WCCC A name to remember. Somehow, Someday in the future they will need help...not a threat, a promise. Oh you do know what a promise is don't you?

Danyelle said...

Why am I anot suprised? Detroit is just not a reliable place because Detroit does not have reliable leaders. Just to think, voters are constantly electing these low lives in. You said it best, taxpayers will get fed up when their bank accounts become empty.