Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Sign of the Times

Every day I receive 5 or 6 requests for contributions. I get them in the mail, on the phone and in my email. I get them from Democrats, Republicans, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Military Advocates, wounded veterans, churches, charities, taxpayer organizations and causes across the country. Just like you, there are a great number of these causes I would like to support but it is financially impossible because there are so many.

Many of us in Michigan have family and friends who are in financial trouble because they have lost their jobs. The only thing that keeps growing and increasing in revenue is government. Even government is pleading poverty. They, however, seem to be the only ones that are having difficulty adjusting to the fact that things can not go on as usual. The real pity is that all the responsibility has been dropped on the sholders of taxpayers. Those people who were able to keep their jobs, even though they may have had to take a pay cut, have been expected to take on the burden.

Since it is politicly incorrect for anyone to take responsibility for anything, I suggest that we all blame someone else and make an effort to correct other peoples incompetince. This way our self esteem will not be reduced and we can feel good about ourselves. This involves paying attention to who we elect. It also means not spending beyond our means. We can also help out those who are less fortunate. Help does not alway come in the form of money. It can come in the form of our effort and advice. We can help support the people and causes we feel are worthy.

There are other things we can do. We can car pool, walk,use a bike or take a bus in spite of the fact that the earth has been cooling . This reduces the amount of imported oil we must pay for and the income of terrorists. (I love the double whammies). We can take in relatives or send them to our legislators. That will get them of the dime. Now that we know it is not our responsibility, we can feel free to be creative. I hope more creative than our legislators or elected officials. It is a case of survival. Be generous to those who need it be smart and choosey to for those who do not.

2 comments: said...

I think I'm going to grab some Long John Silvers for dinner... can I have ten bucks?

(Hey, what's ONE MORE request for cash?)

Just kidding.


Anonymous said...

Well I for one am aware that I can not afford myself, my children, my pets, nor my humble abode, let alone anyone else standing around with their palms up. Between the teachers and their high faluting; I need I want I will get, and all the greedy politicians with all their official positions and laws that give them raises when there are no funds available to pay them let alone continue honoring the debts they have already obligated themselves to pay and this goes on and on in the federal, state, city governments they purport to want to represent because it is a high honor, banker bonuses that leave one wondering what can one person possibly do with all that money, and health insurance greed I have contributed to mercilessly never to have the correct diagnosis nor the correct official qualified physician to receive a dime of recompense, not to mention OPEC and their greedy cronies need to fill their coffers while oil sells for 35 bucks a barrel yet gas is back up to a buck ninety again and this is January 2009 and oils been down for two months now, then there's the trip to the local grocery wanting $3.00 for a loaf of bread and $3.00 for a gallon of milk and on and on it is all way beyond my means. There's nothing left for the Special Olympics nor me. How sad. Beware lest I get too desperate, the last thing we need is a bunch of working class heroes commandeering the above mentioned greedy organizations, then who will all the official lowlifes of the world turn to for help in their official pursuit of legal armed robbery? Hello can we start over again or what? Something is wrong and I don't think it's the driver in this case it's the vehicle. Is the cash in your pocket, under your mattress really worth anything? It's 2009 and it's really feeling like 1929 May God bless Democrats, Republicans, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Military Advocates, wounded veterans, churches, charities, taxpayer organizations and causes across the country. I think they are going to need it!