Sunday, November 18, 2007

Misplaced Priorities

While our legislators are hunting, vacationing and playing, Wayne County burns. Thousands of homes up for tax foreclosure in 2008 are listed in today's Free Press . Apparently, our legislators could care less. As we are finding it harder to find things to be thankful for, they are off relaxing from doing nothing to help. This is unforgivable. We are expected to take cut after cut to our personal budget through wage cuts, higher deductibles for our insurance, tax increases or job loss. They are content with pretending they are trying to do their job with no sacrifice on their part.

What is it going to take to get you boiling mad. They are taking our homes and wages now without our consent, what will they take next? This holiday season will be horrible for some families. While I think that we all should be as generous as possible, I think it should be our personal decision. By the time the state gets its grubby hand on the money there will be none left to distribute. Do yourself a favor. Check out Let's get some of these guys out of office as a lesson to others. If enough of you contact them, maybe we will not have to take three more years of Granholm's bad policies.

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Thanks for what you're doing, Rose! Keep up the great work...