Wednesday, February 07, 2007

State of the Mess Address

I suppose that Governor Granholm should be a cheerleader about the future of Michigan in her State of the State address but I was absolutely horrified at the number of times she used the word invest as a substitute for spend taxpayer money. Apparently she believes that those who still have jobs in this state should assume the burden of retraining everyone who is unemployed, pay for everyone's children to go to a community college and provide everyone with health insurance. I wonder if she is aware that those who are educated are already leaving this state in droves to get employment in other states. I am not saying that education is not important but education alone will not save us. It already receives 37% of every dollar the State spends and if it is exported after it is paid for by Michigan taxpayers it certainly will not help the State.

The govenor talked about taxpayer funded student loans which implies acquiring the bureaucracy that that goes with it to administer and collect the debt. She calls on local governments to consolidate and share services or threatens the loss of revenue sharing from the state. These are funds that are better administered by local units of government and are better overseen by local taxpayers. Who will be deciding the necessary criteria? She talks of the need for infrastructure repairs but the state is unwilling to lower the weight that trucks can haul which tears up our roads and bridges or to supervise the poor quality of material and workmanship of those who are repairing them.

She has requested that business pay its fair share. Businesses do not pay taxes. People pay taxes. Any costs must be passed on to the consumer. In addition to the cost of the tax we must also assume the cost to keep the records and file the returns. It should not be up to the governor or the legislature to decide who succeeds in business. It should also not be their job to decide who gets taxpayer money to operate. It is their job to create an environment where business can grow and prosper.

I look forward to seeing the governor's budget priorities.It is her job to submit a balanced budget under the State Constitution -not one that requires an increase in taxes.

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