Monday, September 25, 2006

Best deception money can buy

We have been receiving calls concerning literature and calls that have been received from the Citizens for Education Committee . It is an indication of the kind of war chest being used against taxpayers. We wish we had a penny for every dollar that was spent producing, designing and distributing the literature that is very appealing to the eye and includes the, makes you want to hug them, pictures of happy students. Actually, the students in the pictures don't look like they need a thing. They have involved teachers. They look like they have the tools to learn. They also look like they are having a great time learning.

Unfortunately, this has very little to do with Proposal 5 which advocates maditory increases for education. In fact, the proponents of Proposal 5 are running a blatantly deceptive and misleading campaign indicating that the funding will improve our schools and make college more affordable. In reality, Proposal 5 never mentions student achievement or lower tuition. In fact, over 2/3 ($380 million) of the proposed $565 Million is designated for teacher pensions.

While the proposal caps pension responsibility at the district level, Proposal 5 transfers the responsibility to the State. The State's projected annual costs associated with the required retirement contributions will rise faster than inflation. To meet the education funding guarantees, adjustments will have to be made within existing resources or taxes must increase to raise general revenues. As a result of this, local districts could show less restraint when negotiating contracts.

If you want to keep the smile on your face Proposal 5 is not the answer.

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