Thursday, August 24, 2006

Stop K-16 Mandate

It is time to get serious about stopping the K-16 Mandate. This proposed constitutional change will be on the November ballot. It offers no guarantee that education will be improved and there is no accountability anywhere in the proposal. We elect individuals to decide how our money is best spent and we should hold them accountable for how they spend it.

We, however, should be able to set the limits of their revenue. It is their responsibility to provide us with the information for any amount needed in excess of those limits and allow us to decide through the ballot if it is justified.


Cathy said...

People should pay attention to how the schools are spending their money. Things they consider necessities are better then anything they get at home. There are may things they get at school that have nothing to do with education. Teachers, after a few years, and administrator are getting paid big bucks and producing less than good results.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get all the people in the State of Michigan to fund my retirement plan. It would also be most excellent, if I could get them to pay for my health care costs! Gee maybe I can get a law passed to force everyone to help me? I'm voting NO on the K-16 ballot proposal. Support your own self, just like the rest of us do!